How to write and erase on a smart board

SMART kapp allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase SMART ink markers, just like the old-fashioned dry-erase board, while enabling you to instantly save your work images, convert them to PDFs, and send to anyone, anywhere, instantly.

June 20, - 3: Pre-teaching Strategies Determining Readiness I start by writing a problem on the board and everyone solves the problem on their own boards without help. Then we review and discuss the problems and answers as a class to correct any misunderstandings.

You already know how to use it. There is no need for any IT integration. Automatic, over-the-air software and firmware updates with every new release save your IT department lots of time.

Some companies like teacher-created Kleenslate Concepts can even customize them for you with handwriting lines, graphic organizers, or music lines. When you're done combine and save both the projected image and your hand-written notes into a single file on your computer.

But now, switch on the board and viewers may connect their mobile device either via the free Smart kapp app or any web browser for an interactive real-time learning or collaborative experience.

Share any device Android, Apple and Windows device with the board. Follow-up Strategies Daily Quick Checks At the end of the lesson, I use the dry erase boards to assess how the class as a whole is progressing.

If not, you might try all of this one more time. When finished, they turn their boards face down. Clear marker surfaces, made of glass or specially coated acrylic, became available around the mids. More from my site. And, facilitators or teachers may save and distribute notes afterward with their collaborators or students.

Rolls up and fits neatly into a carrying case for impressive portability. Convert writing to text. Thirdly, you can use ammonia free Windex.

The Pen tray works like a chalkboard. The below video shows just how easy it is to use a Smart Board and how you as a teacher can make good use of it.

Office Depot offers the perfect dry—erase presentation boards for either your classroom or your office conference room. Built-in cork frame allows you to pin up notes, reminders, pictures.

Plus Scroll Board

Working together on the next big thing for your business is easy and fun when colleagues can move objects, type on the screen and tap to select at the same time.

Presence detection cameras automatically turn the panel on and off when you walk in or leave the room, saving you energy and extending the life of your display.

You can open a PowerPoint file, highlight key points using the pen tray and make use of the touchscreen to touch and present slides interactively. SMART Boards have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications, giving you peace of mind that the Pro series adheres to government or other regulatory requirements.

All the little expenses add up fast. Presence detection cameras automatically turn the panel on and off when you walk in or leave the room, saving you energy and extending the life of your display.

Full data security Shared content is immediately deleted after the session has ended. Fortunately, you may be able to obtain funding for an entire set through organizations like DonorsChoose.

Unique flexible design for portability and versatility. Wireless technology eliminates the need for cords.

SMART Modernizes the Dry-Erase Board

Your snapshots stay secure on your device until you choose to share them. This quick check enables me to start my instruction at the right instructional level.

SMART Board® 7000 Pro series

I always start with something easy that everyone should be able to handle and I work up to more difficult content. Everyone is able to jump in using pens, erasers and fingertips. Is the light green now. When you fill up the front, just scroll the back around for a clean writing surface.

The best way to work in Word is to capture your document first. If a remote user joins the lesson while in progress, they can view and download all of the saved snapshots previously taken.

Standard, wide and compact models to suit your work space. Educators can combine the smart board with cool PowerPoint templates. My Facebook request for dry erase board tips received over responses in just a few hours and I compiled the best of them into a booklet.

Sep 11,  · How to Use a Smartboard In this Article: Article Summary Getting Started Learning Smartboard Techniques Maintaining Your Smartboard Community Q&A A Smartboard is an electronic, interactive whiteboard used in tandem with a computer and K.

Writing, drawing and erasing using SMART Ink 4. Overview. Move your finger over the digital ink you want to erase. SMART Board On the following SMART interactive products, two users can write, draw and erase at the same time: SMART Board i‑G5 series interactive flat panels.

You can use the circle and tap feature to easily erase a large area on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Pick up the eraser, encircle the area you want to erase, and then tap in the middle of the area. Erasing (and writing) with your finger Did you know that you can both erase and write on the SMART Board interactive SMART Board Tips.

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How to write and erase on a smart board
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