Superstitions and their scientific explainations

The cotton thread that passes through the lemon and the chillies absorbs the acids, vitamin C and the other nutrients present in it. Ever wonder how rabbits wound up among the Easter decorations. But, hey, why not. To avoid carelessness when handling them, the years of bad luck was used as a scare tactic.

Doing so, could cause the child to have crossed eyes or to stutter. It may be difficult for you accept the life of Aghoris. In olden days, mirrors were extremely expensive and of also very low quality. Oh, and the four-leaf clovers are totally the best marshmallow shape in Lucky Charms.

As for the Aghori sect, the true meaning of the termAghoriis the one who is fearless and who does not discriminate. Nothing is unholy or not auspicious for them, but everything is sacred.

MY VIEW: I Found That 5 Common Superstitions in India Actually Had Logical Explanations!

And if you broke it, it was common that if they were un-forgiving, they would put you in jail, possibly for seven years.

The word is often used pejoratively to refer to supposedly irrational beliefs of others, and its precise meaning is therefore subjective. After a week of hard work, Monday was their resting day. Continue Reading Below Advertisement So rabbits became sacred, and were associated with things like childbirth.

As an Indian Christian I believe that education or a proper right understanding on God will bring the real enlightenment in their lives and brings them out of this darkness. Aghoris in India are beyond human imagination with their rituals and mysterious practices.

8 Superstitious Beliefs That Have Logical Explanation

Thereis some Superstitions and their scientific explainations on you that doing things out of their 'proper' orderwill result in something bad or uncomfortable.

But believe it or not, many superstitions have some logical explanation behind their origin. Well, all these famous beliefs do have a logical explanation read on to find out.

Try any of the following to testthis out: Why Indians throw coins in holy rivers: They let out a sigh of relief when they realized it wasn't black and articles the next day were sure to mention its color.

Agor implies a simple and a natural state of consciousness in which there is no fear or disgust. This practice is being continued till date. It may seem silly, but you probably still take extra care never to drop one, and generally do your best to avoid kung fu battles in the House of Mirrors. Let me conclude with a Word from Bible.

Copper also helps to kill bacteria present in the water. And could their origins be more logical than we think. It would be absurd forus to require scientific backing for every step we take and everymove we make. When Christianity was rolling up all the pagan symbols into their holiday iconography, they decided to stick rabbits on the holiday celebrating rebirth, since there was no stopping the adorable little bastards at just one birth.

If the horse shoe is from the rear hoot of a grey horse, all the better. Don't bathe just after having meals. Explanation: While bathing, the body cools, due to the cold water falling on the body. when this happens, blood circulation increases, to maintain the body temperature.

Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT), which today having been rechristened as Indo – Aryan Migration (IAM) theory (given that the original position is no longer tenable) is the largest myth that was ever propagated by historians with vested interests that still retain vestiges to their Western paymasters.

Today the scientific knowledge is much more than the knowledge of yesterday, but far too less compared with that of tomorrow. So naturally, what used to be considered a miracle, yesterday, can be rationally explained today. Superstitions are not based in science. There might be a logical reason like breaking a mirror is bad luck but does not cause bad luck but this is not scientific.

It has no scientific basis since its superstitious. rather was base in local folk tale. i mean legends, most of superstitious belief evolve through hearsay(each person heard the superstition has their own opinion about the belief, and added their own experience).

10 Indian Superstitions And Scientific Explanations Behind Them

In India, we have grown up hearing about the various superstitions which has been passed on from one era to the next, from one generation to the next.

Be that as it may, but there are some logical and scientific explanations for these superstitions.

Superstitions and their scientific explainations
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8 Superstitious Beliefs That Have Logical Explanation